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Annelise Scholl



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Born in Costa Rica and half Dutch, Annelise is on a mission to function as a bridge for Costa Rican farmers. She wants to raise the bar for all players in the coffee industry, helping farmers improve their crop, the livelihood of their families and leading them on their journey to conquer the international market. Annelise's vision lies in supporting the development of new value-driven business models, managing the articulation of a business strategy and is the creator behind the #jointheboat campaign.

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fernando and angie


coffee farmers

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Fernando and Angie own coffee plantations in the Western Valley of Costa Rica. Their estate is located at more than 1800 meters above sea level.


Fernando is an agricultural engineer and has been  cultivating new hybrid F-1 coffee varieties. These varieties make their land not only more productive than average, but result in amazing quality coffees with high SCA cupping scores. They participate in the Cup of Excellence competition every year.


Angie recently acquired her Q-grader certification. Her tasting skills and dedication are focused on finding the best processing method for each variety that they cultivate.

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Erika is the person behind our logistics management. She is an expert in international logistics, project management, supply chain, cost and financial analysis. Very skilled in analytics and monitoring of projects, Erika never misses a detail and always makes sure to make the best choices to provide cost efficiency and avoid risks.


She has lots of experience in trade between Costa Rica and The Netherlands. Erika also has a keen interest in coffee as she manages her own local specialty coffee brand Café Araya.

Ramirez- navarro family
coffee farmers

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Owned by the Ramirez-Navarro family, its founder Mr. Alexis Ramirez was a farmer that dedicated his entire life to agriculture.

The main variety they cultivate is Caturra-Catuai, although they are taking new steps into planting F-1 Hybrid varieties on their farm. These new plants come from Gaia Artisan Coffee, also our partners.


Many of their lots are processed using fermentation techniques (aerobic and anaerobic), reason why their coffees tend to be complex, sweet and fruity. 


Linda HUBERT-van dam
sales- ambassador

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After having watched a tv program about the 'unfair' coffee chain, Linda's motivation was woken up. She decided something had to be done and was proactive in taking action.


 With a background in healthcare, Linda has a natural talent in connecting with people and communication. From there that she supports our partnership relations, sales and business development and has her own brand of direct trade coffee Eerlijke Boontjes.



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Janne is a second year International Food and Agribusiness student at HAS University, ‘s Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. This study program is focussed on improving sustainability in the food and agribusiness.

She is researching about brand values and business strategy regarding Direct Trade relationships and F-1 Hybrid Varieties.

Janne also supports our communication and business development efforts.


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