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The first community-based coffee import

The first community-based coffee import

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We do this by eliminating any unnecessary middle-men from the supply chain. We connect roasters directly with the farmer and foster long- lasting trade relationships. This helps us stretch the farmer's income as much as possible, helping farmers improve their crop, the livelihood of their families and leading them on their journey to conquer the international market. 

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Hello coffee roaster!

I bet you'd love to be able to buy coffee from origin, get your hands on those exclusive micro-lots and trade directly with farmers. But you’re not big enough to afford buying a full container load or end up paying higher shipping costs per kilo than those with larger operations. Does this sound familiar?

In a world where coffee trade is speculative and even sometimes political, the waters may be very difficult to navigate for both farmers and roasters. This has motivated us to rethink how the market dynamics work and how we can simplify and add transparency to the supply chain by designing a new, more inclusive, traceable and sustainable business model.


What if I told you it is absolutely possible for you to trade directly with the coffee farmer?

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did you know?  

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That according to a Fairtrade International and True Price pilot study, many fairtrade coffee farmers don’t earn enough to live on?


how it works



Join the boat is an initiative where roasters get together and share a shipping container. You can purchase specialty coffee from the 2021 harvest from Gaia Artisanal Coffee farms in Costa Rica and book your spot in the container that will be shipping the coffee to Europe this upcoming May. We take care of the logistics for you, you just book your place!

Want to buy the coffee 'on spot' when it's already arrived in Europe in June? That's also possible! However, we work on a first-come first-serve basis. If you like our coffee, we recommend you to #jointheboat. The earlier you buy, the bigger the chance to catch the micro-lots and the lower the price. Remember, quantities are limited!


don't miss out on:




Priority access to exclusive coffees before they are out in the market.



Value for money. Small minimum amounts



Build a relationship first-hand with the farmer and an exclusive invitation to join our origin trip to Costa Rica in 2022.



Be part of a community of interest that believes in making the industry stronger, together!

OUR distribution MODEL

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The stretch


Transparency & Traceability at the Forefront
We are aware of the socio-economic gap that farmers deal with. We are determined to offer detailed insights about our supply chain. Sector-wide transparency provides context for fair negotiations. Our main goal is to stretch the income of the farmer as much as we can in order to aid them in their goal of continued coffee excellence, while also encouraging opportunities to expand their farms, technology, businesses and knowledge.
Example of a Price Breakdown of our
High Commercial coffee 85 points
per kg.
€ 5,53
€ 7,23
FOB (price at origin)
(If you want to arrange your own logistics)
€ 8,50
#jointheboat price
(Minimum Sales Price)
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our farms

The farms are located in the West Central Valley of Costa Rica under the most ideal conditions, at an altitude of 1500-1800 masl. It is an area of fertile lands of volcanic origin which gives special characteristics to the coffee, optimal acidity-body balance, aroma and an identity of origin.


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our coffee classification

Micro Lot AAA


No more than 5 defects in 300grams, no primary defects, 95% over screen 17, no quakers permitted.


Moisture: between 9%-12%.

Process: Natural, Honey, Anaerobic, Washed.

Micro Lot AA


No more than 8 defects in 300 grams, primary defects permitted, 95% over screen 16, 3 quakers permitted.

Moisture: between 9%-12%.

Process: Natural, Honey, Anaerobic, Washed.

Micro Lot A


No more than 8 defects in 300grams, primary defects permitted, 95% over screen 16, 3 quakers permitted.

Moisture: between 9%-12%.

Process: washed

High Commercial


No more than 9 -15 defects in 300 grams, primary defects permitted, 50% over screen 15, 5 quakers permitted,


Moisture: between 9%-12%.

Process: Washed, Honey, Natural

Commercial A-B


A: 82-84pts: 24 - 86 defects in 300 grams

B: 80-82pts:-25 - 86+ defects in 300 grams

Process: washed

our prices

per kg.

Best deal

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*Prices are ex. VAT
*Our prices are adjusted on a weekly basis due to market fluctuations and euro-dollar exchange rate which we rely on.
*Minimum amount is 1 bag. Our bags are 46 kg./each.
*A pallet is composed of 10 bags (460 kg.)
*From two pallets onwards, we can offer a discount.
*We bet you have a lot of questions, check our FAQ page here.

Read our purchase conditions here

the container is now full

the boat arrives in:

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Annelise Scholl



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Born in Costa Rica and half Dutch, Annelise is on a mission to function as a bridge for Costa Rican farmers. She wants to raise the bar for all players in the coffee industry, helping farmers improve their crop, the livelihood of their families and leading them on their journey to conquer the international market. Annelise's vision lies in supporting the development of new value-driven business models, managing the articulation of a business strategy and is the creator behind the #jointheboat campaign.

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By taking part in #jointheboat, Grounds Costa Rica will be donating 5 euro cents per kilo purchase to our coffee reforestation program. We will be donating at least 800 F1 hybrid coffee plants to the farmer community of Naranjo. Hopefully you can join us on our trip to Costa Rica in 2022 to make this donation together!


Many Costa Rican plantations have been affected by coffee leaf rust and this has been threatening the source of income of many farmers. F1 hybrids are an exciting development in the coffee industry, they combine high cup quality with high resistance to disease. Experimental varieties like these offer a great opportunity for the future of coffee farming in a changing climate.