ABOUT don alexis coffee

Specialty coffee from the renowned Tarrazú region

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Owned by the Ramirez-Navarro family, its founder Mr. Alexis Ramirez was a farmer that dedicated his entire life to agriculture.


In 2015 as an overcoming challenge, they made the big step of building their own micro-mill, "Los Campos" with the idea of processing the coffee themselves in order to focus on the quality and traceability of their micro-lots and stop depending on the cooperative system.

The main variety they cultivate is Caturra-Catuai, although they are taking new steps into planting F-1 Hybrid varieties on their farm. These new plants come from Gaia Artisan Coffee, also our partners.


Many of their lots are processed using fermentation techniques (aerobic and anaerobic), reason why their coffees tend to be complex, sweet and fruity. 

the farm

The farm is located in the Tarrazú region and more specifically Tablón del Guarco, Cartago. The Tarrazú region is world recognized for its quality coffee and bearing the registered "Qualified Designation of Origin" for coffee.


Altitude: 1750 above sea level ​


Main variety: Catura-Catuai


Other Varieties: Esperanza


Processes: natural, honey, anaerobic, washed.


Flavor profile: In the cup one can experience flavors of honey, milk chocolate, red fruit, strawberry, apple, cinnamon, floral, citrus acidity and clean finish.


Growing area: 12 hectares and growing

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direct trade

This coffee is imported via 'direct trade', without intermediaries. This means that the farmer gets more than a fair price and the money earned with coffee is distributed honestly. All our coffees are 'single estate' from micro-lots which have been carefully selected and processed. The highest quality coffee, straight from the hands of the farmer to your cup.