coffee varieties

The only species that is allowed to be grown in Costa Rica is Coffea Arabica. The growth of the robusta species is outlawed in order to keep the quality standards of the country high. These are our main varieties:

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Villa sarchí

Villa Sarchi is a mutation of the Bourbon variety that was developed in the West Valley Costa Rican town of Sarchi. It is a natural and inherent mutation, much like Caturra in Brazil and Pacas in El Salvador.


The plant is very distinctive, its mutation causes the plant to grow smaller. Since its discovery around the 1950’s, it has subsequently undergone pedigree selection by choosing individual plants generation after generation. It is known for being well-adpated to high altitude conditions.


Villa Sarchí has an elegant acidity, intense fruit notes, and a prominent sweetness.


F1 hybrids are an exciting development in the coffee industry, where poor genetic diversity, climate change, coffee leaf rust, and more, has been threatening the livelihood of many farmers. And great news is, they produce high quality cup profiles.



Marellesa is a variety obtained from the hybridization of Sarchimor and Caturra. It is sought after for its superior cup quality and its resistance to leaf rust.

Marsellesa matures more quickly with regards to both production and growth than either Caturra or Catuaí. It is also very resistant to rain during the harvest season, meaning that ripe cherries do not ‘drop’ at the first sign of showers. This makes it suitable for harsh environments that experience heavy rains and/or strong winds and unpredictable weather conditions.

This year's unpredictable rain in Costa Rica for example resulted in a great MARSELLESA harvest!

One of the most valued qualities of the variety is that it presents improved performance in conversion from cherry to green bean than either Catimor or Sarchimor.

The Marsellesa reaches its best potential when grown at around 1,300 metres above sea level.


Is only available in Central America and is a cross between the Ethiopian variety Rume Sudan and a rust-resistant variety called T5296. They are highly yielding, are disease-resistant and offer an extraordinary cup quality shown with its recent success at Cup of Excellence scoring 90 points.


Centroamericano has a complex, elegant profile. In the cup one can experience ripe orange, sweet lemon, apricot flavours.


Is a cross breed between Sarchimor and Rume Sudan. It has Very good cup quality at high altitude.


In the cup one can experience peach, grapefruit, tropical fruit such as papaya, ripe orange and apricot flavours.

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Is a hybrid of Caturra and the Ethiopia 531 variety, developed by various Central American coffee research institutes. Esperanza combines high cup quality with high resistance to disease.


Esperanza means hope in English, to indicate the hope that experimental varieties like this offer for the future of coffee farming in a changing climate.


It makes up a very complex cup, rich, creamy, slightly sweet and syrupy, with clean citrus notes.